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Established in 2008, Campbell’s Construction has proudly provided excellent renovation and construction service to the residents of Piscataway and the surrounding areas for almost a decade. An experienced New Jersey remodeling contractor, we provide a diverse selection of construction-based services to offer you not only the best but also the most diverse array of work for all your construction and home-improvement needs.

Whether you want your deck or bathroom installed or remodeled, new vinyl siding installed, or your basement’s water issues addressed, we at Campbell’s Construction have the experience and knowledge to be sure your home or business will look and function as well as you could hope for it to.

And for the lawn aficionado, we also offer landscaping services to make your home look as beautiful from the outside as it does from the inside.

If you live in or around the Piscataway area and want excellent and affordable construction or remodeling work done on your home or business, call the experts at Campbell’s Construction today!

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Deck Building

A deck is just the thing to bring a relaxing, inviting atmosphere to any home or business. Whether you want somewhere to cook out, relax after a day or work, or entertain guests on a night that’s too good to spend inside, a deck provides the perfect place to spend time. And we at Campbell’s Construction can provide the best deck building services in New Jersey to give you that perfect place to spend your time!

At Campbell’s Construction, we are experts at providing you with the highest-quality deck at competitive prices. We understand that every home and business is different, so we specialize at designing and creating a wide assortment of deck types. Whether you want something understated to add a look of simple elegance to your home or business or something a little more bold, you can rely on your expert New Jersey-based building contractors at Campbell’s Construction to provide you with the perfect deck!

Are there other benefits to a deck besides having a nice place to spend time with friends and family? Of course! A deck will increase the value of your home, so should you ever decide to sell, a deck will more than pay for itself in the value you get back on your home!

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Deck Remodeling

For the homeowner or business owner who already owns a deck, we specialize at deck remodeling as well as building new decks!

Has your deck suffered from years of weather and use? Do you wish it were larger? Smaller? Perhaps a little flashier or simpler? Whatever you want for your old deck, the experts at Campbell’s Construction have the skills and experience to provide you with the perfect upgrade to your existing deck!

We understand that it is important for you to have your bit of paradise that is your deck, so we strive to facilitate the entire process – from designing to constructing your redesigned deck.  Your deck is your vacation at home. You shouldn’t have to spend an unreasonable amount of time waiting for a company to get yours in the shape you want it to be. With Campbell’s Construction, you won’t have to wait. We don’t specialize in only affordable, excellent service — we also specialize in the fastest service we can provide!

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Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom should be another little piece of paradise in your home. With all the time we spend in there, we certainly deserve to have a beautiful bathroom that functions as well as we could hope for!

At Campbell’s Construction we specialize in bathroom remodeling in New Jersey from both the inside and the out. Are you happy with the look of your bathroom but not the function? Sink draining slowly? Shower pressure not strong enough? TOO strong? Toilet running too much? Don’t live with any of these plumbing issues! Our New Jersey bathroom remodeling specialists have the expertise to gut and replace your old, faulty plumbing and fixtures.

And should you want to complement that new plumbing, the experts at Campbell’s Construction are equally as adept at replacing your old plumbing fixtures. Want a low-flow toilet? Maybe a shower where your tub is or vice-versa? Double-bowled sink? Or maybe just wish you could move EVERYTHING in your bathroom around to suit your tastes in a way that your current bathroom setup can’t do? Don’t wish it; GET it! And we here at Campbell’s Construction are the experts to give you the bathroom you want.

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Basement Water Solutions

Water damage is one of the worst problems that can affect your home, and basements are one of the most commonly affected areas to suffer from water damage. This damage could translate to a number of serious issues down the road: mold, which could affect the wellbeing of your family, and even foundation damage, which could affect the structure of your house! Don’t wait for water to work its way into your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage over the years. Call your New Jersey construction experts at Campbell’s Construction today, and don’t suffer from water damage anymore!

Our process of preventing water damage to your basement involves addressing the units outside of your home that function to keep water away from your home and basement. We will correct your home’s rain gutter system, fix or re-engineer your draining system, and grade your lot to allow the rain to move AWAY from, not TOWARD, your home.

We also specialize at REVERSING water damage to your basement. Whether your basement has suffered from years of water damage or a flood, we will extract any excess water from your basement and undo any damage the water has caused. This process even involves repairing any damages to your basement’s walls to ensure that the integrity of your home is maintained.

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Why Choose Us?

At Campbell’s Construction our team of professionals have the skills and experience necessary to provide you with all your home – or business – improvement needs, and we have the dedication to ensure that you receive only the highest quality work possible. Whether you want your roof, lawn, bathroom, deck, vinyl siding, or basement restored to the best condition possible, we at Campbell’s Construction promise to give you the best service at the best price to give you what you and your home deserve.


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