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5 Different Kinds of Roofing to Consider for Your New Jersey Home or Business

roofing types new jerseyA house renovation should leave you feeling happy with the finished product from top to bottom. And while we’re on the subject of the top of your house: How can you know what kind of roof is best for your home?

Well, that depends on what you want with regard to aesthetic, cost, and upkeep. Here’s a list of five roof types and their stats to help to choose the best roofing in New Jersey for your home!

1 – Asphalt Shingles

  • Aesthetic: Varied
    Asphalt shingles are manufactured in a wide variety of colors. In addition, they are flexible and can be contoured around a variety of angles and roof types. Thus, asphalt shingles are some of the most varied roofing materials out there.
  • Cost: Affordable
    The material is inexpensive, and since they are simple to install, they are relatively cheap to install. On top of that, they save money in the long run on the cost of upkeep because . . .
  • Upkeep: Not too bad
    Asphalt shingles are fairly fire-resistant, and they are graded to withstand winds of 110-130 miles an hour. Because of these qualities, asphalt shingles require less upkeep than some other roofing material, saving stress and money over the years.

2 – Tile Roofing

  • Aesthetic: Beautiful but Not As Varied
    Tiled roofs offer a beautiful Mediterranean look, and while they do come in a small variety of colors, they still retain the same general look of a tiled roof. Thus, they offer less variety than asphalt shingles do. Their look IS beautiful, but you should be sure that’s the particular look you want before getting tiles.
  • Cost: High
    Tile roofing averages out to about $300 a square foot. However, this kind of material does last for about 50 years on average, so its longevity can more than pay for itself in the long run.
  • Upkeep: Low
    Tiles are resistant to fires and high winds. That quality combined with their longevity creates a roof that will last for many years to come. Be aware, though, that the material that underlies the tiles has only about half the lifespan of the tiles themselves (about 20 years), and it will need to be replaced to avoid leaks and other damages.

3 – Flat Roofs

  • Aesthetic: Unimpressive
    Flat roofs are for homeowners who want a practical roof, not a beautiful one. As it is flat, it cannot offer any design benefits.
  • The Cost: Low
    A flat roof the easiest roofing material to install, so the cost of installation is low. The cost per square foot varies among materials, but generally, that cost is fairly low.
  • The Upkeep: Low
    While flat roofs might need to be replaced about every 10 years, in that timespan, they prove to be among the most durable roofing types. They are resistant to fires, winds, and other naturally occurring problems, so you can pretty much just set it and forget it with flat roofs.

4 – Metal Roofs

  • Aesthetic: Varied
    Metal roofs can be painted a variety of colors, so they prove to be one of the most varied roofing materials.
  • Cost: Somewhat High
    Costing around $130 a square, metal roofs are among the most expensive roofing materials out there. However, their longevity (the longest of any roof type) can MORE than pay for that initial cost as you’re guaranteed against replacements basically forever.
  • Upkeep: Low
    Metal roofs are fire resistant, and their naturally slick surface encourages water to slide off, reducing the chance of leaks. They are designed to be one of the longest-lasting roof types out there, so you won’t have to worry very much about this kind of roof at all!

5 – Wood Shakes

  • Aesthetic: Beautiful and Varied
    Wood shake roofs come in a variety of beautiful colors and designs that are perfect for any house. Their patterns further help add a pop of design to wood shakes.
  • Cost: Very High
    Averaging around $600 or greater per square, wood shakes are among the most expensive roofing materials out there. However, they are long-lasting, averaging around 30-40 years, so their longevity can make up the high initial cost.
  • Upkeep: Low
    They will not break during a hailstorm, as tile will,or curl and fly off during a severe windstorm, as even the sturdiest asphalt shingle might, so they will require little upkeep over the course of their life.
  • The Bottom Line for New Jersey Roofing

Your home’s roof is important for the well-being of your house as well as the LOOK of it. For this reason, you need to be careful about which roof you pick. Always consider what the initial cost will be, how the roof type will look with the rest of your house, and how much work you can expect to put in with your roof over its lifetime. With these factors and the information provided here in mind, you should be more than equipped to buy the roof of your dreams!

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